Greater Flexibility to Pay For Your Merchandise


Flexible payment terms to customers


Shariah compliant

It is a challenging world

One of the most significant challenges that buyers (customers) face with their suppliers, is lack of flexibility in payment terms, where payments have to be immediate or within a short period that is not in line with their sales cycle.

Supply Chain Program is a program where Raqamyah pays directly to suppliers (seller) and enable buyers (customers) to settle outstanding amount with flexible and easy payment terms.


A factory (seller) that sells chemicals to distributors (buyers) with 45-day credit is faced with a challenge that many of its buyers need longer credit terms say 180-day. Through Raqamyah Supply Chain Program, the factory (supplier) will instantly receive from Raqamyah the value of goods when they are invoiced while the distributor (buyer) will receive more flexible and easier payment terms.

How Supply Chain Finance Works

  • Raqamyah will register the supplier (seller) as an approved supplier
  • The customers (buyers) will register in Raqamyah where their credit history will be assessed, and a revolving line of credit will be approved accordingly.
  • When the supplier (seller) raises an invoice and deliver the goods, invoice amount will be instantly settled to the supplier (seller) and the customer (buyer) will settle to Raqamyah at a later date.

Who is eligible for Supply Chain Finance?

  • The buyer (customer) must be a Saudi entity that has been in business for at least two years.
  • Has financial statements for two years.
  • The supplier must be one of Raqamyah's approved suppliers.
  • If the supplier is not a Raqamyah approved supplier, you can contact them to join Raqamyah as an approved supplier.